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Founded in 2001 ipTronix has since been verticalized in the digital video processing market leveraging the experience maturated by its staff in previous working experiences.
Through the years we’ve been passionately dedicated to improving code reuse and leveraging knowledge management tools to offer our customers the quickest path to production. Before working with highly integrated System On a Chip devices we’ve been designing scalers and video processing systems on FPGAs, effectively developing a deep knowledge on all the internals of the processing pipe, end to end.
Our broad vision allowed us to support customers in markets like consumer, industrial, military, medical, advertisement and more, always providing the best quality of service, and fast response.
Although relatively small and young, ipTronix has been working with the world leading semiconductor and consumer electronics manufacturers.
A flexibile structure of freelance designers allows support of customers in almost any field of electronics and software development Fields of expertise include Industrial control systems, embedded systems, digital signal processing, networking, telecommunication, multimedia systems integration and more.

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